To WhatsApp or not to WhatsApp, what’s the Big Deal?

Is there a viable, alternative model for giving third parties access to one’s private data without losing control over it? Indeed, there is. Since there are already mature, viable alternatives that are built around our sensitivity for privacy and anonymity, I urge you to join me and make the switch while WhatsApp wriggles awkwardly under this self-inflicted scrutiny. Momentum for change doesn’t always come around as nicely as this has.

Making the switch from being consumers led by the nose to becoming activists for a sustainable planet

Isn’t it time we take stock of our lockdown experiences and realise that we can indeed survive quite well on a lot less? Isn’t it time to position our priorities differently, focussing more on sustainability and simplicity, while enjoying the riches of family and friends rather than believing that life only has meaning when we satiate our addictive consumptive cravings and carry on raping our mother?

Things will return to normal – but what will the new normal be?

Countries around the developed world scramble to rescue businesses, recover financial markets and stop their citizens from falling into poverty as the #coronavirus #pandemic sweeps across the globe. Yet, is this the #newnorm we ought to be seeking? Nature rapidly awakens us to the devastation we have caused to this planet but are we ready to embrace a radically different new norm today?